Roberts Residence

Heritage Stands the Test of Time: Roberts Residence (c. 1911)

1405 Doran, North Vancouver

Behind a surprisingly simple façade is an incredible, very pure example of how “Heritage Stands the Test of Time." Built on a large lot for English immigrants, the Tudor-style exterior and leaded glass windows must have reminded the owners of the ‘old country’. The interior contains amazingly beautiful built-in cabinets and each room is unique, cozy and still perfectly suited to modern day life. When the current owners moved in, they inherited a landscape plan for the property that included a 300-yard hole for golfers to show their stuff! Their stoop also includes the marks of a bear who tried to gain entry at some point! The owners have offered to host a summer party for our society, so stay-tuned for details!

1405 Doran -2 - 1.jpg
1405 Doran - 1.jpg