North Shore Heritage (NSH) was created in June 2005 from the amalgamation of two groups.  The North Shore Heritage Network was an online service launched in early 2005 by two North Vancouver homeowners, providing information on renovations, events and general heritage issues. 

The Hodgson House Society was created around the same time by a group of West Vancouver residents in a bid to save and restore the former home of early architect Hugh Hodgson as a public facility dedicated to the Craftsman style and the evolution of local architecture. While that effort failed — the house had been shipped to Nanaimo, and was quickly sold to another buyer for renovation — the group decided to press on and form a society to protect and preserve other heritage buildings. The two groups joined forces and the North Shore Heritage was born.

Our vision:

NSH has a broad aim of inspiring, facilitating and promoting the preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of historic and distinctive buildings. Our mandate is to educate and raise awareness in the community of the merits of such buildings, and how they can embody a sense of history, serve to preserve qualities of craftsmanship, enhance the spirit and character of the community, and provide aesthetic pleasure.

What we aim to do:

  • Promote awareness through special events, such as lectures, workshops and open houses
  • Provide an information resource for residents of the North Shore and others
  • Monitor and provide community input to local government policy 
  • Act when buildings are under threat