Grand Boulevard

Haswell Residence saved from demolition

At the end of March, the City of North Vancouver approved a three-lot subdivision of the property at 910 Grand Boulevard. The move saves the 107-year-old Haswell Residence from almost certain demolition.

The house, known as the “Grand Dame,” was sold by developer Edward Mahon to timber dealer Eliot Haswell in 1910. The Canadian Register of Historic Places describes it as "a fine example of the British Arts and Crafts style...valued as representing the early development of the Grand Boulevard area, with large residences built on prominent corner lots.”

Under the approved plan, the Haswell Residence is to be moved to a new foundation, and two new homes will be built on the newly created lots.

While the decision received a mixed response from neighbours amid concerns about increased density, North Shore Heritage vice-president Jennifer Clay said the outcome of the hearing was the preferred option, given the bleak alternative.

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